• The Rotary Club of MASH People of Action
  • The Rotary Club of MASH People of Action
  • The Rotary Club of MASH People of Action
  • The Rotary Club of MASH People of Action
  • The Rotary Club of MASH People of Action

Welcome to the Rotary Club of MASH

Surrey Hills Mont Albert Rotary Mince Pie Bake Sale    YES OUR CLUB IS AGAIN SELLING YUMMY XMAS FRUIT MINCE PIES



President’s Message

The 2023 – 2024 Rotary theme is ‘Create hope in the world ‘.

Rotary International President Gordon R. McInally calls for Rotary to create hope in the world by working for peace and mental wellbeing. He urges members to earn the trust that’s necessary to realise these values.

I believe as Rotarians we can serve the community by helping the disadvantaged, raising funds for worthy projects and generally being there for others.  Rotary is not only about fundraising, it is almost a “way of life “.   Meeting a very diverse section of the community, making new friends, and being involved in projects is not often realised by the general public.   This creates a satisfaction in knowing that you and your fellow Rotarians are creating the hope in the world that the RI president advocates.

What We Do

Peace Poles

Originated by Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin as its Rotary Centenary project to instal Peace Poles in 100 schools in Australia, the concept has been so successful that more than 230 installations have now been made. What is a peace pole?    It is...

Box Hill Institute (BHI) Scholarships

The Rotary Club of MASH has provided scholarships designed to support BHI students who are working diligently on their studies but struggling financially. In the 2017-18 year we provided 5 scholarships valued at $1,000 each.   These were provided from club funds supplemented by a...

Primary Schools Speech Contest

MASH co-ordinates the hosting of the annual Primary Schools Speech Contest, showcasing the speaking skills of senior primary students who have won the preliminary competitions held at their own schools in our local area. The quality of the speakers and their speeches leaves us...

Upcoming Events